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Hello, how are you?
Thanks for visiting a homepage of B&P Electronics, Inc.

We have excellent R & D industry's highest level of customer trust in the center of
LED lighting and LED PSU (MODULE) to Production and sales of the company as
committed to customer satisfaction.

Especially proud of our affiliates on the basis of advanced technology and mass
production through cooperation, to build a sales system Jiangsu lighting sector
companies strive to grow.

BUYER also from abroad through exports take this opportunity to acknowledge
the quality and reliability of our own brand, Litus to It was launched, aiming to
further the global market, we will create the best products.

We will continue working together with all employees develop innovative
technologies and differentiated products Improve the quality of human life,
so "Litus" I'll start creating a brand.

Thank you.

CEO    Young Kwon Kim